Can Someone Track You with Your Phone Number?

Humans are social beings. We love having fun interactions and fruitful engagements with people from all walks of life. However, our gregarious qualities put us at a higher risk of befriending the wrong people. Some creeps may take advantage of your cordialness to track down your location and spy on you.

But can someone track your phone number without your knowledge? Although it’s possible, they’ll probably need to install a monitoring app on your phone first. It’s hard for anyone to gain physical access to your device if your defensive instincts are always tuned.

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Signs That Someone Is Tracking Your Smartphone

If someone else is using software to monitor your phone, you’ll start noticing some clear pointers. These include:

1. Inexplicable phone reboots

Mysterious cell phone restarts might indicate that your smartphone has been hacked and that someone is tracking it. Certain apps and malware can interfere with your phone’s usual operation, leading to frequent OS snags that prompt your phone to reboot randomly.

2. Excessive heat and rapid battery drainage

If your phone gets abnormally hot or the battery runs out faster than usual, then someone might have installed software to track your movements. Such apps aren’t easy to catch because they work in the background. However, they often cause phone batteries to deplete because they’re constantly sending the target user’s data to the hacker.

3. Your phone slows down

Has your smartphone been operating slower than usual? This might be a revealing indication that it’s being tracked. Monitoring software is notorious for bogging down people’s devices and causing other apps to hang. However, this issue often occurs in tandem with others discussed on this list.

can people track your phone number

4. It takes longer to shut your phone down

It takes a relatively short time for a smartphone to shut down. But if someone hacked into it and installed spyware, your phone will start taking longer to kill all running tasks, wait for remote data transfer to complete, and eventually shut down. Watch out for this sign whenever you suspect that you’re being tracked.

5. Your data usage skyrockets

Spyware apps require lots of data to send private information from the target device to the malicious hacker. If your monthly data utilization suddenly shoots up without a valid explanation, then someone might have tapped into your device.

If you’ve also noticed some electronic interference (such as echoes, clicks, and static) or your device has been rooted/jailbroken, then it’s probably being tracked.

You might be wondering: can someone track my location by phone number without using spyware? Well, allows users to track other people’s phones without interfering with the target device’s normal functioning.

What Makes Different? is an effective mobile number geo-locating service that helps users to track down their loved ones’ real-time location remotely. The main benefit of using this tracking tool is that you don’t need to install any app on the target device. Consequently, their phone will continue working normally.

It’s easy to use Simply follow these steps:

  • Visit
  • Enter the phone number you want to search.
  • Send your target user a unique message containing the tracking link.
  • Once they click the link, you automatically start tracking their live location.

Apart from being quite discreet, works on any network and phone type.

How to Prevent Someone from Tracking Your Phone’s Location?

Now that you can answer positively to the question “Can someone track you with your phone number?” you should also realize that personal safety is an individual responsibility. As such, there are several tactics you can implement to protect your phone from getting tracked by spyware and other location apps. Let’s discuss these methods.

  • Turn off your device’s location

It’s possible to deactivate your phone’s location entirely if you’re worried about getting tracked. Alternatively, you can choose the apps that can access your location when in use. On iOS devices, location services can be switched off by clicking on Settings > Privacy and tapping on the green slider labeled Location Services. On Android phones, simply head to Settings > Location and set it to OFF.

  • Delete location history

Some apps require location services to work effectively. These include “Google Maps” and “Navigation.” However, you can turn off location access for certain apps or simply delete the location history that’s collected and stored by Google.

  • Avoid installing unknown applications

Before you install any app on your phone, understand how it operates, and check what permissions it requires. In addition, you should prevent your friends and family members from using your phone to download apps.

So, Can People Track Your Phone Number?

The answer is yes. Some hackers can use ingenious methods to track your phone number and monitor your whereabouts. Gladly, the defensive techniques discussed above can prevent you from getting hacked by stalkers.

After much review, we’ve unearthed that using is the best way to monitor your loved one’s location safely and remotely.

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