Find Current Location of Mobile Number in Google Map

Google Maps is a remarkable geolocation app that comes pre-installed on all Android devices. This platform helps users to navigate new locations, search for local businesses, discover the best hotels, and more. Some people also use Google Maps to track their friends, relatives, and colleagues because of its remarkable accuracy and reliability.

In this article, we will discuss how to track a phone number on Google Maps with ease.

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Why Would You Need to Track Someone Else’s Phone Number on Google Maps?

There are several reasons that could prompt you to track other people’s cell phones. These include:

  • You suspect that your partner is cheating

Every relationship faces its unique set of challenges. Sometimes, the spark between couples may fade away and cause one spouse to ignite a clandestine affair. If you have valid suspicions that your significant other is cheating, it might help to track their location and understand where they spend most of their time.

  • You want to safeguard your kids

Parents whose children own a cell phone might want to know their whereabouts throughout the day. Not only does this information provide some much-needed peace of mind, but it also helps them to discover whether their kids visit dangerous places.

  • You want to keep your employees in check

Learning how to locate a phone number of Google map can help business owners to monitor their employees’ real-time location to ensure that they’re at their workstations during the stipulated working hours.

How Can You Track Them Fast and Discreetly? is a remarkable location-finding tool that can track your loved one’s real-time GPS location without you needing to download any application on the target phone.

This geolocating solution is more effective than any Google Maps phone number tracker because it simply uses someone’s phone number to obtain their live location.

You can use on any type of phone regardless of its Operating System, network carrier, or geographical location. In addition, this service allows users to track unlimited phone numbers all at once. is a completely private monitoring solution that prevents your target user from discovering who tried to locate them. It even works on old phones, and it’s remarkably easy to use.

To start using, follow these steps:

  • Visit on your browser
  • Enter their cell phone number on the blank field
  • Create a personalized text message that contains the tracking link
  • Send the message and wait for them to tap the link
  • Start tracking their live location

What’s the Easiest Method to Locate a Phone Number on a Map?

You can also track someone’s live location by setting up Location Sharing on Google Maps. This process can be done on both Android and iOS devices.

Before you can set the ball rolling, ensure you have physical access to the target device. One huge setback with this method is that Google sends email notifications to account owners, alerting them whenever their location is being shared.

google maps phone number tracker

Follow these step-by-step instructions to start using Google Maps find location by phone number:

  1. Go to “Settings” on your phone and enable location services
  2. Take the target device and launch the “Google Maps” app
  3. When the app opens, click on the top right section containing your target user’s profile picture
  4. Choose Location Sharing and click on “Share Location”
  5. Select the option that says “Until you turn this off”
  6. A list of devices will appear. Tap on your device and click on “Share”
  7. You’ll get a message that says, “XYZ can see your location”

Although this method is easy and extremely effective, you’ll need to know your target’s phone passcode before commencing. Your subject might also get wind of your tracking activities once they view the email notification sent to their Gmail account.


Tracking someone’s location is completely legal if you have their consent. However, parents are allowed to monitor their kids’ phones without asking for their permission. Learning how to track a cell phone number on Google map can help you put your sweethearts out of harm’s way.

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