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Reverse Phone Number Lookup with Localize

A reverse number lookup allows you to search records associated with a phone number and quickly see who’s calling or texting you.
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What can I find with number lookup

Phone searches can let you know about the availability of details like name, location, phone carrier, social media profiles, and more
  • Contact Info

    Full Name

  • Location

    Current Address
    Past Addresses

  • Social Media

    Social Accounts
    Dating Profiles

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How does it work

How does a Number Lookup work?

Localize's Reverse Number Search looks through billions of phone directories and records to look for and, when available, summarize the owner's name and details into an easy-to-understand report.

How can I do a reverse phone lookup with Localize

To do a number lookup:
1. Go to the Localize's homepage
2. Type in a phone number into the field
3. Click Search Now
4. See the information

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FAQ: Number Lookup with Localize

Have you ever received a phone call, text message, or voicemail and thought, “I really wish I could check this phone number”? Well, you can do just that with a reverse phone number lookup tool. Just type the number into the Localize look up number search engine and let the app do its thing. When the results are ready, you’ll find out who owns that phone number.

You’ll be able to see their full name, their age, their current address, previous addresses, social accounts, photos, and even dating profiles. The more information we’re able to find, the more you’ll see.

Are you receiving calls or texts from someone you don’t know? Or is your loved one? We get it. No one wants to receive text messages that are controversial in nature. Or aggressive. Or maybe even harassing. That’s why you need a reverse phone number lookup tool. It shows you who’s behind the phone number that’s contacting you.

No. An online phonebook will show you the number tied to a person’s name. Being able to check this phone number is the opposite. In this case, you know the number, but you don’t know who the number belongs to. A free reverse phone number lookup with name service answers that for you.

Many cell phones come with built-in tools to block texts and calls from numbers you don’t know. If you’re receiving messages or calls repeatedly from the same number, blocking is a good option. But blocking a phone number doesn’t help you find out who’s behind that phone number. While blocking a number is a useful too, being able to look up number can help you discover the person behind the phone number.

Just punch the number into the phone number finder search bar on this page to quickly find out who’s behind it. Localize will use advanced technology to search various search engines, social media sites, and even hidden parts of the web. If the reverse phone lookup is successful, you’ll see the results displayed on the page.

While our advanced reverse phone number lookup tool is extremely accurate, it’s easy for records to quickly become outdated, especially if someone is using a burner phone or if they’ve changed phone numbers recently and someone else took over their old number. Our advanced search engine pieces together all the information we can gather to bring you the most accurate information. However, it’s possible that the results we display haven’t yet been updated to reflect the latest real-world changes.

Yes. Just enter the phone number you’re curious about and let the free service check this phone number. If results are available, you’ll see them. And if there’s no information available, we’ll let you know.

If you’re wondering who called me from this phone number, one of the first places you might go to find out is Google or your favorite search engine. But if you’ve ever attempted a reverse phone number lookup from your search engine, you’ll know that there are usually two outcomes. You find a million different results with different names attached to that number. Or you find absolutely nothing. Localize’s approach to check this phone number is different. You’ll see one verified result so there’s never any doubt.

We blend ordinary search engine strategies with social media deep dives to hunt down the right owner of the number you’re looking for. And we comb through sites that are usually hard to detect by ordinary search engines to come up with the right result. Our advanced technology ensures you get the right results from our reverse phone number lookup engine.

If you use Localize you can. Our service lets you discover who owns a phone number and lets you see their current location on a map. In fact, you don’t even need to use a phone number finder to determine their location. If you know their number, you can punch it in and find out where they are right now. It’s one of the most popular features available in Localize. And together with the ability to find out who called me from this phone number, it’s the perfect solution for curious phone users.

Still in doubt? Let us search for you

Just enter the phone number. We will do the rest.