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Track any phone location by its number

Localize works worldwide, with all networks and phone types.
Get the most information about a phone number with Localize
Localize is your ultimate solution to track any phone, learn who’s calling, check for data breach, and much more!
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Hear from real Localize users

Robert A.

New Jersey, USA

I’ve been looking for something exactly like this for years, but I didn’t think it existed. So glad I found it. I’m super impressed with how easy Localize works.

Kelly S.

Melbourne, Australia

It’s nice to know that I can locate my husband in just a tap when he’s away on business. Really easy to do.

Marc C.

Miami, USA

Being able to customize a message is a game-changer. I love how simple Localize is, but also how powerful it is too.

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Why localize

  • Skip the installation

    No need to install anything on your end. Just enter their number and Localize will get to work. Really. That’s it.

  • Works with all phones and carriers

    Whatever phone they use, Localize works like magic. In fact, you don’t even need to know the brand or age of their phone to find them.

  • Exact location

    When we say our GPS tracking is accurate, we really mean it! Localize lets you find out the exact address.

  • Worldwide coverage

    No matter where you are. No matter where they are. Localize works from every corner of the world.

  • Unlimited phone numbers

    Feel free to go on a search spree with our unlimited number lookups. Or data leak checks. Or GPS tracking.

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How it works

Phone Number

Enter their phone number and the text of the message.


Localize sends a text message containing the tracking link straight to their phone.


They tap the link, and you find out where they are.


FAQ: How do I track any phone location by phone number

As was noted earlier, Localize doesn’t require physical access to a target phone. All you need to track another person’s location is their relevant phone number. You also don’t have to install any apps on your device, as Localize works online. Simply head over to the Localize website and type in the phone number you want to locate. The service will send the location request to the target user after you acquire the subscription or activate the trial.

Localize is a service that makes it possible to locate any cell phone by its phone number. With the help of Localize, you can find a location using the cell phone number of another person. It is a simple solution that can be nailed by anyone. You only need to copy the target person’s cell phone number to the respective field on website and wait until the tool finds the location.

It’s pretty easy to use Localize. You only need to type in a phone number and find location of the target person remotely. They will receive an SMS that contains a request to see their exact whereabouts. Plus, you can customize the message you’re going to send in any way you like.

Your payment might have been declined because there are insufficient funds on your credit card. There also might have been some problems with your transaction. We recommend that you contact your bank and ask for help. As an option, you can write to us at [email protected] and provide us with the details.

Since Localize is an advanced solution for locating cell phones by number, it requires a fair fee for its services. In particular, you need to pay only $0.89 to track the unlimited number of devices in the first 24 hours. But if you would like to keep using Localize for longer, you need to purchase a regular subscription of $49.80 per month. Note that your subscription is renewed automatically every month. If you no longer want to use Localize, you can cancel your active subscription at any time.

No, you don’t need to install Localize on your phone. What’s more, no physical access to the target device is required. All that’s needed is the phone number you want to track and a couple of minutes.

Since localize is compatible with all networks and phones, you can try locating even a stolen device. However, it needs to be connected to the Internet and have an active SIM card. Note that Localize doesn’t guarantee to locate lost or stolen devices and takes no responsibility for finding them.

If you need to track someone’s cell phone location remotely, Localize is what you need. It works on both iOS and Android-operated phones and is compatible with all cell phone models. With Localize, you can track a phone number of the needed person and get details on their exact location in a few clicks.

The Localize subscription allows you to use the service for an unlimited number of devices. You can track as many phone numbers as you want as long as your pricing plan is valid.

It’s natural if you have concerns about tracking another person’s phone. However, geolocating someone’s device is fully legal and conforms to the recommendations of the Information Commissioner’s Office. Besides, you can receive the third party’s location only if they give consent for being located.

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Localize is the best way to find anyone with just their phone number.